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Dra. Yily De Los Santos Discusses Several Actions You Can Take to Make Injectable Fillers Last Longer

Dra. Yily De Los Santos discusses several actions that can be taken to help injectable fillers last longer.

The use of injectable fillers has become a popular way to smooth away wrinkles, create fuller lips, and provide a number of other cosmetic benefits. Injectable fillers are not permanent and gradually fade away over time. This means a person will have to return to the doctor to maintain the look they are seeking. Fortunately, there are several actions those who receive injectable fillers can take to make them last longer. Plastic surgeon Dra. Yily De Los Santos recently discussed a few of her top tips.

Dra. Yily De Los Santos explained that one of the most important parts of receiving injectable fillers is choosing a reputable plastic surgeon. She stated that, like many things you purchase in life, you get what you pay for when receiving injectable fillers. Dra. Yily De Los Santos explained that it’s essential to choose a doctor or filler provider with a solid reputation, positive testimonies, and credentials. The quality and lifespan of your filler greatly depends on the provider.

Dra. Yily De Los SantosDra. Yily De Los Santos added that you will be provided with a number of guidelines following your appointment. Some of these may seem tedious, but they’re essential to follow, especially within the first one to two days. Dra. Yily De Los Santos stated that, during these first days, you should refrain from strenuous exercise and massaging or rubbing the injected area. Sleeping on your back, so no pressure is applied to the treated area while sleeping, is recommended also.

Dra. Yily De Los Santos explained that your skincare routine following treatment is more important than ever. Fillers are maintained better when you take care of your skin. Dra. Yily De Los Santos suggested using a quality facial cleanser, anti-aging treatment products, and moisturizer. She added that sunscreen is essential to maintaining youthful-looking skin.

According to expert plastic surgeons like Dra. Yily De Los Santos, every body takes to injectable fillers differently. Some metabolize the products faster than others, and that’s why most important to follow the personalized maintenance plan provided by your provider. Be sure to create a maintenance plan with your provider before leaving the office, so you can maximize results and spend less time and money returning to your plastic surgeon to maintain your look.

Dra. Yily De Los Santos finished by stating that injectable fillers typically maintain their look for anywhere between six months and two years. She explained that with proper maintenance, care, and a qualified specialist, patients can get drastically more longevity of their fillers. Contact a qualified plastic surgeon like Dra. Yily De Los Santos to discuss your options for injectable fillers today.

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